The Connection

OCD is not caused by stress only, in spite of the fact that an extremely stressful event may trigger everyday anxiety in one’s life, which may worsen OCD symptoms.

Those that suffer from OCD come off as people having wild, intrusive thoughts and rituals, which make them very vulnerable to anxiety disorders and depression.

Anxiety and OCD if left untreated, these two conditions can have an extremely negative impact on your life.

Types of Common Anxiety Disorders

While a general anxiety disorder is normal, Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) can happen at the same time with OCD. Experiencing both simultaneously can make your recovery and living a normal life very hard.

In association with other phobia disorders, Social Anxiety Disorder is characterized by fear of being humiliated due to speaking or performing publicly, being judged, rejection from people, and one being extremely shy. This results in an individual doing anything and everything conceivable to avoid any kind of social gatherings.

OCD is controlled by comparable dreadful feelings, inclusive of an abnormal fear of not being perfect hence attracting criticism from others, which may lead to SAD, and furthermore evading social get-togethers.

Research has found out that 24% of individuals found to have OCD are likely to be diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder if not diagnosed with it already. It is likewise found that SAD is the most widely recognized form of anxiety disorder for persons suffering from OCD.

In addition, there is a reasonable connection between people with OCD and depression.

Which Disorder Shows Up First?

 Both OCD and SAD manifest during puberty to early adulthood years.  Although, SAD, based on some research results has been found out to develop at a younger age than OCD.

This is somewhat certain as it is borne out of the fact that most people who seek treatment report that they suffered some form of SAD before any OCD symptoms started to show.  It also affirms the research results that OCD may develop as a result of Social Anxiety Disorder.

Be that as it may, this not a rule set in stone.

Having these two disorders simultaneously is difficult to diagnose. Only a medical expert who has the practical experience, and specializes in anxiety disorders, out to know if the issue is two-fold.

SAD and OCD problems respond well to suggested treatment protocols.

The Best Treatment for the two Anxiety Disorders

Research has now demonstrated that the best treatment for OCD and SAD is cognitive- behavioral treatment (CBT) a kind of talk therapy – particularly when it is partnered with hypnotherapy.

Added recognition and acknowledgment by the medical fraternity states that hypnosis is without a doubt the preferred solution for anxiety problems and is most helpful for OCD and SAD patients.

Progressing research into OCD and other anxiety disorders is currently focused on the CBT and other methods of hypnotherapy treatment. The positive results provide hopes of fruitful outcomes for patients experiencing this kind of treatment.

Ways Regarding How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Specialists concur that CBT treatment joined with hypnotherapy offers an effective drug-free medication to beat OCD and other related social anxiety disorders.  The treatment will oversee and eventually cure feelings brought by social phobias, present symptoms of OCD which trigger obsessive thoughts and awkward ritual compulsive behaviors.

Expected Benefits for You

  • The therapist will enable you to set a particular goal towards your healing, by suggesting positive affirmations and ideas to the subconscious mind and eventually how overcoming your illness will benefit you.
  • You will receive personalized assistance in finding the root of your fears which cause anxiety and compulsive behavior, which are imprisoned in your mind.
  • When absolutely relaxed, the therapist will access your subconscious mind through speaking positive affirmations, which will help change your negative, fearful attitude to one of freedom from irrational fears
  • Hypnotherapy will lead you into discovering a new and purposeful way of life which is fulfilling and fun.

Your quality of life will improve and you will come out a better person if only you embrace treatment with the right attitude.

Final Take

In addition to a renewed mindset, you can get a new purpose for your life, do away with past baggage and let go of the guilt of past failures and mistakes.

As a result, your life will effectively get back on track.