The mind and body connection is complex.

The way that you think, feel, behave and react to circumstances, can have a crucial effect, good or bad, on your physical health. Your emotions also play a role in your capacity to recover from illness.

In the framework of an inner ear disorder, such as inflammation in either of the two vestibular nerves which send information to the brain regarding balance issues, the resulting malfunction can cause major feelings of vertigo, or dizziness. These symptoms, because they often happen without warning, lead to intense stress and anxiety.

The symptoms of inner disorders are not obvious like other illnesses, so some people, especially friends and family, may be inclined to think it is all in your head and a sign resulting from stress and anxiety issues.

The truth is that unless people have been afflicted by the sudden attacks of vertigo, they will not be able to understand just how frightening and unsettling the attacks can be.

Some common emotional responses to middle ear disorder attacks.

Understanding your own emotional responses to this disorder is the first step in the recovery process, both emotionally and physically.

Here are some of the ways you may react to vertigo episodes.

  • Anxiety, which often manifests itself because of fear of feeling insecure, giddy and unsure on your feet, is very prolific.
  • A sudden vertigo attack may result in intense fear leading to a panic attack accompanied by all the symptoms, such as nausea, heart palpitations, chest pains, shortness of breath, and shaking. These feelings may even cause you to believe you could be having a heart attack.
  • A panic attack makes the physical symptoms of vertigo worse, and can induce fears that you may lose control during vertigo episodes.
  • You self-worth and self-esteem could erode if you are sometimes unable to perform your duties, or take care of your responsibilities, which may cause you to question your how well you actually know yourself.
  • You could experience a sense of helplessness because family and friends do not understand your predicament.
  • In response to panic and anxiety issues, you may begin to withdraw from social activities that you would normally enjoy. This could result in loneliness.

Fortunately there are tried and tested ways to overcome many of these problems, and can improve your mood, functioning, and quality of life, by dealing with negative responses to vertigo attacks from inner ear disorders.

How hypnosis can help get your life back under control.

Numerous studies have indicated that hypnotherapy can help minimize feelings of anxiety, fear, stress and panic, which are all made worse by unpredictable vertigo episodes.

Hypnosis works by accessing the subconscious mind, and by means of positive suggestions, help you to cope with fears and anxious feelings caused by vertigo. Research has shown that patients who have responded well to relaxation techniques begin to embrace a positive mindset, and accept how much better they feel when calm and collected.

Hypnotherapy will teach you that vertigo need not continue disrupting your life, and allow you to move forward free of fear and anxiety.

A trained, professional hypnotherapist can help you break the cycle of giddiness, nausea, and prevent other fearful symptoms of vertigo from lingering in your mind.

Bear in mind that vertigo in itself is not a condition, but a symptom of something else which may need medical attention. A doctor’s diagnosis to get to the possible root cause of severe vertigo, is a good step to take.

A profound change.

Patients who have embarked on a path of hypnotherapy to cope with the symptoms of an inner ear disorder, have reported a profound change in their lives. Many have stated that a radical transformation seems to have taken place, from a life filled with fear and anxiety, to a life of renewed self-confidence, a positive mindset, peace, tranquillity, and an ability to cope with any circumstances that may arise.

Hypnosis comes highly recommended by health experts as a very effective treatment for vertigo issues, to help you get your life back in control.