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About Matthew Tweedie: Anxiety Hypnotherapist Adelaide

Matthew Tweedie CHt MNLP is the founder of the Adelaide Anxiety Clinic. He is a Psychotherapist and recognised expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and complex trauma resolution.

Matthew will share these powerful tools with you to gain freedom from chronic pain, fears, phobias, anxiety, IBS and stress.

As a passionate and dedicated practitioner, he has travelled the world studying with some of the best practitioners in the field. This has allowed Matthew to create a synergy of the most advanced tools that are both fast and effective.

As a facilitator of profound personal change, Matthew works with a wide range of individuals. From women who struggle with panic, anxiety and overwhelm, to men dealing with the challenge of pressure and male sexual performance anxiety.

Matthew works with individuals of all ages. He can support students with sports performance, anxiety and study stress, uni students who are preparing for medical or law exams and professional sports players seeking support to optimise their performance and improve confidence.

Matthew Tweedie Anxiety Hypnotherapist Adelaide: Formal Qualifications

  • Masters degree of Hypno-Psychotherapy – ICHP
  • Associates degree of Hypno-Psychotherapy – ICHP (Ireland/Australia)
  • Diploma of Hypno-Psychotherapy – ICHP (Ireland/Australia)
  • Advanced Hypno-Diploma of Psychotherapy – ICHP (Ireland/Australia)
  • Diploma of Hypno-Counselling – ICHP (Ireland/Australia)
  • Integrative Life Coach (NY)
  • Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Resource Therapy Clinical Qualification
  • OldPain2Go Clinical Qualification (UK)

Matthew is the creator of many powerful audio tools including the ‘Problem Be Gone’ series and is continually adding to this library of healing hypnotherapy audio tools.